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Learning Story

LearningStory is a record of what the teacher has seen a child, a group of children doing in an ECE program. It is a story that tells the reader - another educator, administrator, or the parent about the child’s activity and development.

In the latest version of KWE, we have incorporated a tool that helps educators to structure their learning stories, making it informative and helping educators to reflect and plan their programs.


Inform and engage parents, using the the same apporache they are interact with their friends.

The announcment and reminder makes sure that parents will not missed the information about filed trips and other events.

Send pictures as well as the development milestones, helping both parents and teachers to understand child’s progress and needs.

Record the child’s daily acitivies any time during the day and send the final daily report to parents


Market your service to the parents based on their geographic location and interest.

Magazine style structured, comprehensive program information makes it easy for the parents to spot your service.

Online enrollment system free you from the back-and-forth emails and calls.

A transparent waiting list makes both the parents and you at ease.

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